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In April 2013, after an alliance between her company Provideo and the television channel CDN, NCDN emerged as a media and content company, with Piera as general director.4 In September of that year, an investigation of Piera revealed that the papal nuncio in Santo Domingo, Józef Wesołowski, to whom Pope Francisco had dismissed from his post, had not been relieved of his position because of the struggle he had for 3 years with the Puerto Rican Cardinal Roberto González Nieves, as stated in the Italian and Dominican press and as suggested by the archbishop of Santo Domingo, Cardinal López Rodríguez, 6 but he ingested alcoholic beverages in areas of dubious reputation and also stupid children and adolescents of male sex, 8 9 surfacing another pedophilia scandal in the Catholic Church. In 2014, the EFE Agency named her as one of the most influential women in Latin America.


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